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How to Become a Better Weaver

Weaving is a process. The more you learn and practice the better you’ll get. Once you’ve gotten the basics down you’re might be thinking, what next? How do I level up my weaving skills?

How do you grow your weaving knowledge?

Online classes

Weaving classes are a great way to build your skills. Especially because with the purchase of an online class you usually keep lifetime access. You can revisit the class and practice the techniques as often as you want.

Online classes also allow you to learn with a weaver you admire that you may never meet in person. This way you can learn from the best while on the couch in your pjs. That's a win-win for me. Find my favorite online classes here.

In-person workshops

Once you've mastered beginner weaving start looking for intermediate-level weaving workshops. Even if you feel comfortable weaving at an intermediate level already you may still enjoy these workshops. Usually, the weaver teaching them will offer their own advanced weaving techniques. Here's how to find a weaving workshop near you.

Learn from seeing others

This is one of the reasons I love social media for weaving. You can watch other weavers weave and learn from them. I like to save any helpful Instagram posts, Pinterest pins or Tiktok videos so I can go back later and rewatch the weaver’s technique. It's seriously so helpful! Find out where to find free online weaving tutorials here.

Read weaving books

There are so many excellent weaving books out there, and more being published all the time. Start building your weaving library. You'll find so much knowledge in these weaving books. You can find my list of favorites here.

Join a weaving community

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, check out your local weaving guild. 

Don’t be worried you’re not the “right” kind of weaver for a weaving guild. Go check them out and see what you find. 

Many weaving guilds are so excited to have new (and younger) members. They want to share their knowledge and skills. 

If you don’t have a local guild or vibe with the one that’s near you, you can look for one in a neighboring city or a statewide guild. Check out the Handweavers Guild of America's list of weaving guilds here.

You can also find a weaving community online. Join a weaving Facebook group (shameless self-promotion mine’s here) where you can be connected to weavers around the world. 

Ask questions, comment on each other’s photos, and engage with other weavers. Every weaver has their own way of doing things. They might just use a technique that you would love or be able to answer a burning question of yours.

Make weaving a daily or weekly habit

Making weaving a consistent habit is probably one of the best ways to level up your skills. If you can manage to weave every day or carve out specific time each week to weave - put it on your calendar if you need to - continuing to practice your skills will have your skills growing in no time. 

Just keep weaving

A lot of weaving, like any skill, is just showing up. Show up at your loom and weave. You don’t have to weave a masterpiece every day! Just keep weaving and keep making. Weaving is a lifelong process. There’s always more to learn and honestly that’s half the fun 😉

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