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How to Find a Local Weaving Workshop

Looking for a local weaving workshop?

Learning to weave in person at a workshop can be an incredible experience. You have a weaver right in front of you who you can ask questions, other weaving students to connect with and a fun learning environment. Local weaving workshops can however, be hard to find if you're not sure where to look. Here’s a few ideas how to find one.


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6 ways to find a local weaving workshop

Local yarn stores

Check out local yarn stores in your area. Many of them offer fiber arts classes like crocheting, knitting, and spinning. They may also offer weaving workshops and classes so that you can learn how to weave. One of the best parts about taking a class at a local yarn shop is that when you’re done with your weaving class you can browse their yarns and find yarn for your next project. If your local yarn shop doesn’t offer a weaving class you can always contact them and suggest it. Most yarn shops love hearing what kind of classes their customers are interested in.


Google, google, google. Try searching for weaving workshops in your area, and use a variety of terms like “weaving workshop” “weaving class” “learn to weave” combined with your location.  You can also try looking for something in a surrounding area or a larger city nearby. You may be able to find a weaving workshop or weaving teacher in a nearby area. I’ve driven to other cities just to take a workshop with a weaving teacher that I’d really like to meet.

Message local weavers to see if they teach classes

Another great way to find a local weaving workshop is to message other local weavers and ask them if they know of one or if they teach one. They may have ideas for local classes that you haven’t heard about or they may know someone who teaches one. A local weaver also might be interested in either teaching you or meeting up to talk about weaving. You never know until you reach out!

Look for places in your area that offer art and craft classes

Try looking for craft places or venues that offer workshops near you or in surrounding cities. Sometimes you can find local businesses that offer creative workshops.

They may not currently offer a weaving class but if you reach out to them they can let you know if they know of one. Just like local yarn shops they’d probably love to know of interest in a weaving workshop since their other customers may want to learn to weave too. 

Local weaving or fiber arts groups

Another place to learn about a weaving workshop would be a local weaving or fiber art group. Many cities and regions have weaving guilds that offer classes. A weaving guild is a group of weavers that have regular meetings and activities together.

They may offer weaving classes in everything from floor loom weaving to tapestry weaving or basket weaving. They can be an incredible resource to a new weaver as their members have typically been weaving for many years and have a lot of knowledge to share. You may also find other fiber arts group in your area that either have weaving workshops or know of a weaver that may teach one.

Consider teaching a class 

If you can’t find a local weaving workshop near you don’t give up! There are many wonderful online classes and books that can help you grow your weaving skills. Once you feel confident in your skills consider teaching a weaving workshop so that other news weavers can learn to weave from you. This is also an excellent way to meet other weavers and make fiber friends.


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