My Favorite Online Weaving Classes - Wear and Woven

My Favorite Online Weaving Classes

I love online weaving classes. When I first started weaving 6 years ago there were very few online courses available. Being able to choose from so many different teachers and weaving styles is so much fun and really wonderful. I love in person workshops, but sometimes it’s nice to weave from home with a class you can start, stop and rewind as you work through at your own pace. 


Hello Hydrangea “Intermediate Weaving Class”

Find Intermediate Weaving Class here
PDF eBook download with videos

This class is a really excellent intermediate weaving course once you’ve mastered the basics. It's a great way to expand on your skills and learn more advanced concepts. Lindsey is an natural teacher. She explains things very clearly and her videos are easy to follow.

I’d recommend this course to anyone who has mastered basic weaving skills and is looking to continue learning. Everything here builds on beginner skills and teaches you techniques that you can apply in a lot of different ways.

Lindsey has an incredible library of courses. She does a monthly weaving series that is a lot of fun, you can do the subscription or purchase the courses individually. Every class of hers I’ve taken I’ve learned something and really enjoyed. 

Hello Hydrangea “Texture Weaving Class”

Find Texture Weaving Class here
PDF eBook download with videos

This is probably my favorite Hello Hydrangea class that I’ve taken. There are so many inventive ways to add texture that I never would have thought of on my own.

This sounds silly, but I had no idea how easy the very popular knotting texture technique is until I took this course. Like it's crazy simple. It's a knot. The end. There are many excellent texture techniques in the class. It was so much fun to learn from.

I’d recommend this class for anyone who has mastered basic weaving skills and is building on those skills. Personally I’d take it after an intermediate course, but I don’t think that’s strictly necessary. I think any weaver, basic, intermediate, or advanced can enjoy and learn from this course.

Every single Hello Hydrangea class that I’ve taken has taught me so much. That’s probably why they’re two of my favorite classes. There’s something for every weaving skill level.

  geometric weaving online class

Balfour & Co “Geometric Weaving”

Find Geometric Weaving here
Lifetime access through course website

This is the class I’m currently working my way through and I love it. It's definitely a class for someone who is interested in investing a bit in learning, but it's so freaking comprehensive it's worth every penny.

This course is designed to go over 6 weeks. There's 6 really comprehensive modules with multiple sample tapestries to weave through. Christy includes PDF downloads, step by step videos, weekly newsletters specifically for the class and a private Facebook group for class members where you can ask her questions.

Christy has so much knowledge of traditional tapestry weaving that I think some of us weavers miss out on if we haven’t been trained that way.  She explains concepts so clearly and you actually feel yourself progressing as you work your way through each module.

I think this course is best for a weaver who has mastered a lot of intermediate skills and is wants to really invest in this specific weaving style. I wouldn’t recommend it for an absolute beginner. You need to have some weaving knowledge at least.

I’m obsessed with this class. I can tell I’m building on foundational skills and I’m so excited to do each module. I can’t wait to see what I create once I finish the course.


Rachel Denbow “Woven: In the Round”

Find Woven: In the Round here
Lifetime access through course website

This is the third class of Rachel’s I’ve taken. I’ve enjoyed all of them but this one was my absolute favorite. One of the things I loved about it was that there were several techniques that I felt like I could apply to regular weaving as well.

Rachel does some really inventive things with round weaving that I love. One of the things I enjoy about her classes (and her book) is that she designs projects that build really well on previous lessons so you can feel yourself learning and advancing as you take her courses.

I think a beginner weaver could get a lot out of this course as long as they have a bit of weaving knowledge. They could probably learn from just this course, but me personally I’d rather know a bit about weaving before attempting it. That being said, I think it has something for all levels of weavers who want to learn about round weaving.

I love this class, I’ve returned to it several times as reference. I’ve also taken her Beginner and Intermediate weaving classes and enjoyed them. She has other courses available on her website.


Weaving in the Round online class

Ashton Zager  “Weaving in the Round”

Find Weaving in the Round here
PDF eBook download with videos

In my mind Ashton is the OG round weaver, or at least the weaver that I automatically think of when I think of round weaving. Her work is amazingly beautiful and she’s the reason I wanted to start round weaving. 

Two of the most important things I learned from her course was the importance of wrapping hoops (not 100% necessary all the time - I don’t wrap mine often because I prefer to see the metal), but very, very necessary for certain warping techniques and weaving styles.

My other favorite thing I learned from her was irregular shapes. For some reason doing an abstract shape on a round warp completely confuses my brain. I just sit there like “does not compute” staring at the warp. BUT Ashton made it make sense to me, so basically I’m sold on this class.

I think this course is great for weavers of all skill levels, but especially for beginner weavers who want to start round weaving.

This is currently Ashton’s only eBook course. She's been working on an intermediate round weaving class that I’m excited to take once it comes out and build on the skills I learned in her first course.


Allyson Rousseau “Extended Techniques”

$30 CAD

Find Extended Techniques here

PDF eBook download with videos

Allyson is well known for her bright, textural woven wall hangings. She combines color and carpet rya texture to make beautiful geometric weavings. She offers several classes, her Extended Technqiues class is the class that covers how she makes her signature textured wall hangings.

Carpet rya is one of my favorite techniques. It’s rya knots or loops that are trimmed close to create the dense texture of carpet. Even though I’m familiar with this stitch and have used it before I still wanted to take this class. Every weaver is different and uses slightly different methods and techniques. Taking classes like this is an excellent way to expand your skillset, even if you’re familiar with the basics.

It was a great class and I really enjoyed it. Allyson is an excellent teacher and clearly explains her processes.If you love learning different ways to add texture to your wall hangings this is great class to take. 


Elizabeth Ashdown “Online Passementerie Masterclass”


Find Online Passementerie Masterclass here

Live and online through Zoom

This class is a live online class so it’s not available for replay like the previous classes. However, it is such an interesting class for such a unique technique I wanted to make sure I included it on this list.

Passementerie is an endangered traditional weaving craft. Elizabeth is one of the few remaining professional passementerie artists in the UK. She uses traditional techniques in new and exciting ways to create beautiful colorful works of art.

I took her class through my local weaving guild and it was one of my absolute favorite weaving classes. You can weave passementerie on a frame loom (that’s what I use) so it is surprisingly easy to get started. 

Elizabeth is an excellent teacher. Since the class is live you can ask her any questions you might have in the moment. I really enjoyed that since it made it easier to resolve any issues I was having while learning. Definitely check out this class if you want to challenge your weaving skills and learn something new.


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