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Where to Find Free Online Weaving Tutorials

Learn to Weave Online

Online resources can be a big help when learning how to weave no matter what your skill level. Workshops, online classes, and books are all wonderful ways to learn how to weave. If however, you need to watch your budget and are looking for free online weaving tutorials here are some of my suggestions.


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Where to find free online weaving tutorials


Check out Pinterest for links to weaving tutorial blogs and video pins demonstrating techniques. This is how I’ve learned some of my favorite techniques. You can find my Pinterest board full of my favorite techniques here.


Instagram can be another great source of free online weaving tutorials. Many weavers love to share their knowledge and skills and will film videos of their techniques. When I see a video I think will be helpful I save it in a specific collection. That way I can go back and watch it later. Be aware however that if the weaver removes the video from their feed you won’t be able to see it. You may want to find a backup tutorial just in case.


One of my favorite weaving YouTubers is Spruce and Linen. She has a ton of really helpful videos on YouTube from how to create shapes, to twill patterns and specific weaving stitches like Egyptian knots. YouTube is a great way to learn to weave online.

Weaving Blogs

The Weaving Loom has a special place in my heart. I learned so much from Kate when I first started weaving. She’s no longer publishing new posts but her blog is still available online. I haven’t found another weaving blog quite like hers.

Gist Yarn has a wonderful blog, so does Hello Hydrangea. WeaverHouse has some excellent information in their weaving resources. Rebecca Mezoff has an excellent blog as well. She is a traditional tapestry weaver so while her style may be different her knowledge is incredible. She has a ton of helpful articles about the mechanics of tapestry weaving.

If you’re looking for a blog devoted to weaving I’d recommend seeing if any of the weavers that you follow blog. And then please send me a DM and let me know because I’m always looking for more weaving blogs. Many of the weaving blogs online focus on a floor loom, rigid heddle loom, or traditional tapestry weaving.


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