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My Favorite Modern Weaving Books

Weaving books can be tremendously helpful no matter your weaving skill level. They’re a great resource to learn new techniques and then return for more inspiration or to refresh your skills. Check out my favorite modern weaving books.


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My Favorite Modern Weaving Books

DIY Woven Art - Rachel Denbow

This is a really excellent step-by-step modern weaving book. If you follow the book from start to finish you’ll see a progression of skills that build on each other. This is an excellent book if you are looking for step-by-step guidelines on how to create wall hangings. Rachel’s experience as a DIY blogger is so helpful here as she guides you through the creation of each project. You can find her book here.


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On the Loom - Maryanne Moodie

Maryanne was an art teacher before she began weaving full time and I think that really shows in her work. She teaches you the foundations of weaving and then presents you with multiple projects to expand on your newfound weaving skills. Just like an art teacher teaching you to paint and then how to continue finding inspiration from there. This is an excellent modern weaving book if you are interested in applying your weaving skills to many different projects. You can find On the Loom here.


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Welcome to Weaving - Lindsey Campbell

This book is an amazing source of knowledge. It is an excellent reference for weaving techniques. She covers a lot of skills and shares some really wonderful foundational weaving knowledge from traditional weaving principles. This is so helpful in constructing a well-made piece of woven art. It's a really excellent reference book for any weaver. She also has step-by-step projects where you can create a specific weaving or project. I haven’t read her second book yet but based on the rave reviews I’ve seen of it I’m sure it has even more weaving knowledge and projects to learn. Find Welcome to Weaving here.

These are three of my favorite modern weaving books. There are several other weaving books available that I haven’t had a chance to read yet. I know of at least two or three weavers who are currently working on their own weaving books so there are definitely many books out there to help you learn to weave and to advance your weaving skills. 

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