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Wear & Woven Blog

  • What is a Fiber Fun Day (and Why You Need to Plan One ASAP)

    So what exactly IS a “fiber fun day?”

    It's a term I made up to describe a day when you do something fun and fiber arts related. It could be as simple as a trip to a local yarn store and then coffee with your bestie or as awesome as visiting a local fiber mill to watch yarn being made.

  • How to Weave Soumak Stitch 3 Ways

    You probably already know and love soumak stitch! It’s a classic weaving technique and one of the first stitches that beginner weavers learn. But did you know there are more ways of using this weaving technique than the classic braid?
  • My Favorite Online Weaving Classes

    I love online weaving classes. When I first started weaving 6 years ago there were very few online courses available. Being able to choose from so...
  • How to Find a Local Weaving Workshop

    Learning to weave in person at a workshop can be an incredible experience. You have a weaver right in front of you who you can ask questions, other weaving students to connect with and a fun learning environment. Local weaving workshops can however, be hard to find if you're not sure where to look. Here’s a few ideas how to find one.
  • How to Get Out of a Creative Funk

    It happens to all of us! Sometimes you just don't feel like weaving. So how do you get out of a creative funk? Here are a few of my favorite suggestions.
  • How to Host a Weaving Craft Night

    If you have enough weaving friends for a craft night that is always an option but you can also each do a different craft and still have a great time. You can weave while your friends scrapbook, knit, or color coloring books. All that matters is that you hang out and have fun being creative together.
  • How to Finish A Wall Hanging

    Now in an ideal world, you’d clean up the back of your wall hanging as you weave. It makes things way less time-consuming in the end. But I don’t l...
  • How to Warp a Hoop for Circular Weaving

    Want to get started with circular weaving? In order to create a round weaving you have to start with a good foundation, in this case warping a hoop...
  • What to Pack in your Weaving Travel Bag

    Have you ever taken your weaving on the go? There’s nothing worse than being stuck in an airport or a long car ride with nothing to do. Here's my suggestions for the best things to pack in your weaving bag.
  • My Favorite Modern Weaving Books

    Weaving books can be tremendously helpful no matter your weaving skill level. They’re a great resource to learn new techniques and then return for more inspiration or to refresh your skills.
  • How to Make Weaving Friends Online and In Person

    There’s nothing like making friends with other weavers. They understand you like no one else. In this day and age, you can find the weaving community both online and offline.
  • Where to Find Free Online Weaving Tutorials

    Workshops, online classes, and books are all wonderful ways to learn how to weave. If however, you need to watch your budget and are looking for free online weaving tutorials here are some of my suggestions.