2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Weavers

2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Weavers

2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Weavers - Wear and Woven 


1. Color Wheel Keychain | 2. Yarn Pack | 3. Yarn Bowl | 4. Weaving Tools | 5. Weaving Loom | 6. Weaving T-Shirt | 7. Tiny Tape Measure | 8. Lil Loom Weaving Kit | 9. Online Weaving Class | 10. Weaving Books | 11. Giftcard to Favorite Yarn Store | 12. Weaving Workshop | 13. Yarn Winder and Swift Set | 14. Fiber Art Class | 15. Really Good Scissors


Loved ones want to buy gifts for you and your love of weaving, but have no idea what to get you? Consider this holiday gift guide your letter to Santa. 🎅🏽📝

1. Color Wheel Keychain - I love this color wheel keychain from The Gray Muse. It's a great a reference when picking out yarn colors for your next weaving project. You can even take it to the yarn store with you to help pick out colors.

2. Yarn Pack - Yarn packs are a fun way for weavers to try out new to them color palettes and types of yarn. You can easily find them by searching on Etsy for "weaving yarn pack" or you can check out some of my favorite weavers' yarn packs like Ashton Zager Fiber Art, Weaving Windflowers and The Woven Hand.

3. Yarn Bowl - Yarn bowls are one of my favorite underrated weaving tools. They're very common for yarn crafters like knitters and crocheters but they're also great for weavers as well, we just use them a little differently. Try using one with your warp thread when you warp your loom - game changer! They come in wood or beautiful ceramics. I found this one on Etsy.

4. Weaving Tools -  Weaving tools are always a good gift option. I firmly believe there's no such thing as too many weaving shuttles. Weaving shuttles, wooden needles, metal needles, weaving swords and more, there's just so many great options.

5. Weaving Loom - Weaving looms come in all shapes and sizes. Why not gift a great tabletop loom like one of these beautiful frame looms from Eden Bullrushes? The Bullfrog is my favorite and my top recommended large loom.

6. Weaving T-Shirt - Ok yes, I have got to include these. A weaving t-shirt (or mug, stickers or tote bag) also make great gifts for weavers. They're cute, comfy and let your weaver rep their love of weaving all day long, even when they can't be at their loom. Find tees, totes, mugs and stickers here ;)

7. Tiny Tape MeasureYou think you don’t need one but you do and they’re awesome. This one is from Walmart, you can also check your local yarn store to see if they carry any. My favorite one is from one of my local yarn stores.

8. Lil Loom Weaving Kit - Have you ever seen a cuter mini loom? This would make a great weaving related stocking stuffer!

9. Online Weaving Class - Always, always a good option! I've taken several weaving classes (you can find my recs here) and they are a gift that keep on giving. You can log back in and review them as many times as you want and learn from your favorite weavers all over the world.

10. Weaving Books - There are so many fantastic books on weaving available. Whether you're looking for a book that walks you through weaving step by step or leads you through different weaving inspired projects you can find a lot of options out there. Bonus, see if you can find them at a local yarn store or an independent bookstore.  

11. Giftcard to Favorite Yarn Store - You cannot go wrong with a giftcard to a favorite yarn store. Whether it's a local yarn store, a craft store favorite, or an online shop you love, there are so many great yarn stores out there. 

12. In Person Weaving Workshop - In person weaving workshops are a lot of fun and a great way to learn new weaving skills. Not only can you learn new to you techniques but an in person workshop means you get to meet fellow weavers and have a teacher to ask any questions that may come up as you learn.

13. Yarn Winder and Swift Set - A yarn winder and a swift are essential tools for a weaver. Yes, you can get your skeins wound at a yarn store, or even wind them into a ball yourself the old fashioned way - but a yarn winder and swift will make your weaving life so much easier. And make it easier to create the yarn wall of your dreams. 😉

14. Fiber Art Class - Check out your local weaving and fiber art organizations for all types of fiber art classes. You can try out dyeing, punch needle, latch hook and more. My favorite place to find local fiber art classes are from my local weaving guild, check for one near your for fiber art fun!

15. Really Good Scissors - Am I the only one who loves a really good pair of scissors? Check out these LDH scissors and shears. They're favorites in the crafting industry for their sharpness and durability.

One of my favorite ways to support the weaving and fiber art community is to give recognition to the incredible makers and creatives out there. I hope you find something you (or the weaver in your life) love from these shops.




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