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8 Ways to Add Woven Art to Your Home

Do you love weaving woven wall hangings, but now you want to try your hand at other types of woven home decor? Here are 8 ideas for woven home decor that aren't another woven wall hanging. 

8 ways to add woven art to your home

Once you learn how to weave there are so many ways you can use those skills to decorate your home. These are just a few ideas! Links to the tutorials and the photo credits are under the photos.

Woven stool

Woven stool. Image and tutorial via Sugar & Cloth

Woven chair

Woven chair. Image and tutorial via A Beautiful Mess

Adding weaving to a basket

Yarn woven through basket. Image and tutorial via The Weaving Loom

Woven room divider

Woven room divider. Image and tutorial via Sugar and Cloth

Woven lampshade

Woven lampshade. Image and tutorial via Fabrica de Imaginacion (tutorial is in English)

Woven pillow

Woven pillow. Image and tutorial via A Pretty Fix

Woven curtain embellishments

Woven curtain embellishments. Image via Sarah Neubert

Woven rag rug

Woven rag rug. Image and tutorial via A Piece of Rainbow


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