Ready for the Next Step?

So you want to learn how to weave. Now what?

Whether you've taken a Wear & Woven Workshop or purchased one of my fiber kits you may be wondering, what next? Well here at Wear & Woven I want you to love weaving just as much as I do so I've created some Weaving Resources just for you! Whether you are a first time weaver or you've been weaving for years and are looking to add to your skills I have stuff just for you. 

Circle Weaving Workshop Extras

How to Warp a Hoop for Circular Weaving

How to Finish Your Circle Wall Hanging

I hope you had a fantastic time at our circle weaving workshop. Here are two tutorials to help you keep weaving! These tutorials will help you start and finish your circular weaving projects.

Learn to Weave

My Favorite Online Weaving Classes

Best Places to Find Weaving Tutorials

I want you to love weaving and I love to share my weaving knowledge. Check out my favorite weaving resources from my favorite online classes to the best places to find free online weaving tutorials. 

Find the entire list of my "Learn to Weave" resources here

Meet Other Weavers

Be part of my online Weaving Community

Join my Weavealongs

One of the most important parts of learning to weave is meeting other weavers in the weaving community. Other weavers will understand your love of weaving like no one else! They'll cheer you on, answer questions, share their favorite yarns and techniques and can become some really wonderful friends

Find the entire list of my "Weaving Community" resources here

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