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Why You Should Take a Weaving Workshop

I love online weaving classes. Like a lot. So much in fact that I have a whole blog post dedicated to my favorites (you can find it here).

Online weaving classes and weaving workshops have one major difference, one is an in-person class and the other is typically offered as a prerecorded online video (which basically means you can replay it as many times as you want).

So why do I still think you should take a weaving workshop if you have the opportunity?

Ask questions in real time

When you take a workshop in person you don’t have to wonder “Am I doing this right?” you have the teacher right there to ask. You won’t have to rewind a video 10 times to get the hang of a stitch, the instructor can come right to you and show you what you need to do. 

Meet other weavers

Not sure where to meet other weavers in person? Take a weaving workshop. The very first time I meet other women who wove like I did was at a weaving workshop. I cannot describe to you how good it felt to walk into that room and find 10 other women who were just as excited about weaving as I was. It was incredible.

Learn more than just the class

Talking to other weavers face-to-face allows for other topics, resources, and suggestions to come up in conversation.

You may ask a question in the workshop that reminds the instructor of something else and before you know it you’ve just learned about an upcoming fiber festival you had no idea existed or learned about a new yarn shop. The spontaneity is wonderful.

And my number one reason to take a weaving workshop? 

I GOT TO HUG MARYANNE MOODIE. It was like hugging a beam of fiber sunshine. Taking an in-person weaving workshop just might mean you get to meet one of your weaving heroes. 

I got lucky and a few years ago Maryanne was on her way to Mexico for a family vacation and decided to teach some classes in Austin. 1000% worth the 3-hour drive to meet my weaving hero in person. Now not every weaving workshop is like this, but if you get the chance to meet a weaver you admire, do it!

Find a weaving workshop 

If you’re past the point of learning beginner skills then look for an intermediate weaving class or a project-based weaving class in your area. For more ideas on how to find a weaving workshop near you check out this blog post for ideas on how to locate one.

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