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What to Do With Your Woven Wall Hangings

My alternate title for this blog post was "what the hell am I supposed to do with all this?" 😄 Tell me I’m not the only weaver with a pile of woven wall hangings that I’m not quite sure what to do with. You too?


Here are a few ideas on what to do with your weaving projects once you’ve completed them.

Give away as presents

I’m pretty sure both of my sisters and my mom have multiple weaving projects from me. 

Family, friends, baby shower present (I’ve done this twice), Christmas, birthdays whatever it takes.



Another option is to sell your work through an online shop, Instagram sale, or in-person market. 

(If you don’t want to take on selling your work that’s not a problem. There is something to be said for just letting your hobby be a hobby. Not everything needs to turn into a side hustle if you don’t want to.)

That being said if you want to sell absolutely go for it! A lot of weavers have found it to be really rewarding to sell their woven wall hangings and other weaving art. 

For more information on knowing when you're ready to start selling your work check out this blog post.


Take them apart and reuse the material 

I really like this option for pieces that I’ve made that I just don’t love anymore. Now some pieces I would cut up over my dead body, but there are always going to be those pieces that you’re not that into and that’s ok. 

Take them apart and reuse the yarn and materials. You might just make them into something you love.

Trade work with another weaver or creative

This is a fun thing to do with your fiber or creative friends. You can trade artwork so you each have a piece you love in your homes!


Decorate your home 

It is totally fine if you want to just keep your work for yourself. Like for real. Decorate your home and use your art to make yourself happy.

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