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What is a Fiber Fun Day (and Why You Need to Plan One ASAP)

So what exactly IS a “fiber fun day?”

It's a term I made up to describe a day when you do something fun and fiber arts related. It could be as simple as a trip to a local yarn store and then coffee with your bestie or as awesome as visiting a local fiber mill to watch yarn being made.⁠

There are so many different ways to have a fiber-fun day. It doesn’t have to be complicated or hard, it's just a day to have fun and celebrate your love for weaving and fiber arts.

craft night with friends
Learning a new fiber skill
Craft night with friends
Visiting a local yarn store

A few years ago, I organized a local fiber arts group that did monthly meetups in Houston. We were a group of knitters, crocheters, spinners, and weavers who wanted to meet other fiber folk and have fun together. And we did!

I planned our outings every month and worked really hard to come up with something fun and enjoyable to do together.

5 of my favorite fiber fun day ideas

  1. Visit a coffee shop or laid-back bar and weave/craft 
  2. Go to a local fiber event 
  3. Learn a new fiber skill 
  4. Have a yarn swap
  5. Take a tour at a local fiber mill or fiber producer


Fiber fun days are more than just a fun day, they’re also a way to meet other fiber folks, strengthen fiber friendships, and learn more about weaving and other fiber arts.

quilt walk learn to indigo dye
Visit a local fiber arts event like a Quilt Walk
Tour a sheep farm
Learn a new fiber skill like indigo dyeing

You don’t have to go with a fiber friend, you can have a great time with other friends, a partner, or your kids! Heck, go by yourself and have a blast. Take a mental health break, grab an iced coffee, and go wander around a yarn store for an hour or two by yourself. That counts as fiber fun to me!

Want some more fiber fun day ideas? I wrote up 25 of my best ideas into a free list for you that you can grab here.


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