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Wear & Woven Blog

  • What is a Fiber Fun Day (and Why You Need to Plan One ASAP)

    So what exactly IS a “fiber fun day?”

    It's a term I made up to describe a day when you do something fun and fiber arts related. It could be as simple as a trip to a local yarn store and then coffee with your bestie or as awesome as visiting a local fiber mill to watch yarn being made.

  • How to Host a Weaving Craft Night

    If you have enough weaving friends for a craft night that is always an option but you can also each do a different craft and still have a great time. You can weave while your friends scrapbook, knit, or color coloring books. All that matters is that you hang out and have fun being creative together.
  • How to Make Weaving Friends Online and In Person

    There’s nothing like making friends with other weavers. They understand you like no one else. In this day and age, you can find the weaving community both online and offline.
  • Weavealong: February 2022

    Have you ever done a weave-along? They're really fun and a great way to connect with other weavers and make friends. We all follow the same prompt in our own creative ways. ⁠