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My Favorite Weaving Tools

One of the first things I do when I want to learn a new craft is research what tools I need and which ones other people recommend.

It's seriously so helpful to not just Google blindly but find out from other actual artists and craftspeople what they prefer. So! Here are my favorite weaving tools complete with links. I hope this helps you!

My favorite weaving tools

weaving tools

1. Clover needles 

That pointed tip makes all the difference. It's so much easier to pick up warp threads than a regular straight tapestry needle.

2. Wood weaving needle

This shop went out of business but here’s another option

3. Warp thread

I use the natural color. I’ve used this brand for years and never had any complaints.

4. Yarn bowl

Mine was gift, but here is a similar one on Etsy. If you don’t want a ceramic one most craft stores carry (more affordable) wooden yarn bowls.

5. Big scissors

I need to upgrade to better shears but in the meantime, this is what I use. They work great I just want something sharper.

6. Tiny scissors 

Embroidery scissors are great for traveling with your projects and are easier to clip threads with when weaving in ends. 

I got mine from a weaving workshop but I linked similar scissors.

7. Tapestry beater/weaving comb

I can’t find the original Etsy listing this is from but this one is similar. The one I have is heavy which I love. It beats down yarn really well. 

8. Shuttle

I’m not sure where this shuttle is from. I wish I knew I’d love to buy more. The curved ends make it hard for the yarn to slip off. You can find a similar shuttle here. 

9. My favorite lap loom 

This is a Maryanne Moodie lap loom. It’s hands down my favorite lap loom. I love how close the notches are to each other so I don’t have to double warp.


10. My favorite large frame loom

The Bullfrog loom is my favorite large loom. Its big enough to fit on my weaving table without taking up all the space. The height is adjustable.

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