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My Favorite Way to Weave Carpet Rya

There are a few different ways to weave carpet rya. You can make individual rya knots over and over, or you can try this technique which I think is much quicker. It all starts with rya loops.

Rya loops for weaving texture

Rya loops are quick and easy to make. You don’t have to constantly trim the yarn like you do when weaving rya knots. Loops can be made with a long continuous piece of yarn. Once you get the hang of them they go fast.

Not sure how to make rya loops? Check out this tutorial here

Weave them upside down

I prefer to make my rya loops where the knot is at the bottom (since I weave upside down this actually means the knot is on the top, BUT when I flip the loom the knot ends up being on the bottom. So cheat sheet: weave upside down - knot on top; weave right side up - knot on bottom)

Placing the knot there helps the loops open up more after they are trimmed. This way you end up with a fluffier texture since the knot supports the bottom of the loops. 

Here are the rya loops look from the front. Notice how you can't see the support rows?
Here are the hidden support rows from behind

Support rows are your friends

My number one most important part of rya loops (or rya knots!) is to add support rows. 

They don’t have to be super wide, in fact, you want to make sure they aren’t visible from the front of your piece at all. 

Adding support rows will help lock in your knots so they don’t unravel. Rya loops need additional support to keep them firm on the loom. You can use either twining or plain weave, personally, I prefer plain weave. 

By adding rows you can also decrease the amount of yarn you need to use for rya knots since you’re adding additional (hidden) rows of yarn. That’s why I prefer plain weave and not twining, it has more width than plain weave woven rows.

Here’s how my rya loops look from the front, and here are the hidden support rows from behind.

Trim trim trim

Once you’re done with all the areas you want carpet rya in and you’ve locked in your loops with support rows you can start trimming! I prefer to wait until I’m done with the entire wall hanging before trimming. That way know everything is secure. And trimming is so much fun I like saving it as the last step. 

Trim as many loops as you can. You will probably need to clean up and vacuum your floor a bit as you go as this part of the process is messy, but it’ll all be worth it.

The final product

Now that everything is trimmed brush off any excess yarn or fiber with your hands and there you go! Carpet rya!

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