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My Favorite Lap Looms

Have you noticed that weavers tend to have favorite looms?

The basic structure of weaving (over under repetition) is so common that it can be created on several different types of looms in countless ways. Many weavers find that they prefer specific styles of weaving and specific types of looms over others.

Personally I prefer frame loom weaving. You may have heard it referred to as lap loom weaving.

A frame loom refers to the basic structure. Its a relatively simple loom in a frame structure (usually a rectangle or square). A lap loom refers to a smaller more portable version of a frame loom. There are many different options for lap looms, but here are three of my favorites.

My favorite lap looms

fluffy tabby cat smelling a peg loom with a weaving project

Harrisville peg loom

This was my first real loom! My actual first loom was made out of a cardboard LaCroix box from Costco, so this was definitely a step up. Yes, it's advertised as a child’s loom, but it works perfectly well for adults too. 

The pegs are pretty deep which helps keep the warp thread secure. I’ve never attempted to double warp this loom so I’m not sure how well double warping works on a peg loom.

It’s a great starter loom and a good lap loom to have in your arsenal. And bonus, since it comes in a kit you’ll start off with multiple weaving tools, warp thread, and some yarn as well.

colorful weaving project on frame loom

Smile and Wave loom

This loom is very solid and beautifully made. Smile and Wave looms are made by a woodworker that’s local to Rachel Denbow so you know they’re well made. 

It's thicker than the other loom options which is helpful if you’re weaving a bulkier piece with lots of yarn and texture. Your loom won’t feel overwhelmed by the weight of your work in progress. 

The grooves are wider apart than I usually weave so when I use this loom I double warp it. You could definitely single warp it if you wanted to make a woven project with larger, thicker yarns. I love this versatile loom and have woven several pieces on it. 

white and green geometric weaving project on small lap loom

Maryanne Moodie loom

This is my absolute favorite lap loom. The notches are  close together (which I love) so I don’t typically double-warp it. Because the notches are so close together this is a great loom if you’re weaving a piece that has thinner yarns, more detail or geometric shapes. I seriously don’t have anything bad to say about this loom. I just love it. This is the lap loom I reach for nine times out of ten.

Find which loom works best for you

The more you weave and figure out your weaving style the more you’ll discover which looms work best for you. There’s so many options out there. I hope you find your favorite looms too.

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