My Favorite Halloween Fiber Art Ideas - Wear and Woven

My Favorite Halloween Fiber Art Ideas

Looking for Halloween and fall fiber art ideas? Here are 9 of my favorite tutorials for decorating your home with woven art.

1. Fall Themed Woven Wall Hanging

First up is this beautiful fall themed woven wall hanging from Pretty Life Girls blog. You can get started on a project like this right away! All you need are fall, autumn (or Halloween!) colored yarns to get started. Learn more from the tutorial here


ghost pompoms

2. Ghost Pom Poms

Who doesn't love pom poms? They're cute and easy to make. These adorable ghost pom poms can be added to all sorts of Halloween decorations. From lined up on the mantle or table top by themselves, sewn to the front of a woven wall hanging or strung on a garland. All you need is white and black yarn! You can even add them to the next project below. See the full ghost pom pom tutorial by Pom Maker here


pom pom halloween wreath

3. Halloween Pom Pom Wreath with Spider Web

Another cute Halloween pom pom tutorial from Wooly Knits. You could easily whip this up in an afternoon. The author even suggests if you aren't comfortable crocheting the spider you can make one from pom poms & pipe cleaners for legs. So no problem with you aren't crochet inclined. Full tutorial can be found here.


macrame spider web

4. Macrame Spider Web

One of the simplest tutorials in this Halloween decor roundup makes a big impact!  All you need is some black yarn or cotton cord to make this giant macrame spider web. Full tutorial on Modern Macrame here.


woven pumpkin wreath

5. Pumpkin Yarn Wreath

This tutorial is made by hot gluing yarn to the pumpkin shaped base, but you can easily weave the yarn instead. You can find the wire pumpkin base at crafts stores like Hobby Lobby or even the Dollar Store. Just pick the yarn of your choice and decide if you want to add any additional items like ribbons or fall leaves. Check out the tutorial here or the woven tutorial here.


embroidery on woven wall hanging

6. Halloween Embroidery on Woven Wall Hanging

Yes this photo shows embroidered flowers on a woven wall hanging, but using these embroidery tutorials you can create a wide variety of Halloween and fall themed woven art. Instead of embroidering flowers try embroidering, pumpkins, fall leaves, ghosts, bats or spiders! Anything your spooky heart desires. Find this tutorial and more embroidery stitch tutorials on Clever Poppy here.


macrame bat with black  yarn

7. Macrame Bat

Love macrame or ready to try your hand at a few new knots? Try this macrame bat tutorial to create some adorable macrame bats for hanging around your home. You can even sew one to the front of a woven wall hanging or suspend it from a garland for more ideas! Find the full tutorial here.


yarn wrapped pumpkins

8. Yarn Wrapped Pumpkins

You can't go wrong with some cute yarn pumpkins. You can vary the size and yarn colors and textures to create your own pumpkin patch. Try using them in a decorative basket as a center piece or arrange on your mantle. Full pumpkin wrapping tutorial here.


ghost overshot weaving

9. Ghost Woven Wall Hanging

My absolute favorite Halloween fiber art tutorial is this ghost woven wall hanging by Spruce & Linen. Using a simple overshot technique you can create this spooky pattern. The best part is the pattern repeats so if you wanted to make a larger or smaller woven wall  hanging you could. View the full tutorial on Spruce & Linen's YouTube channel here.

Decorating for the holidays is always fun, but even more exciting when you can add your own creations! Hopefully you found some ideas you can't wait to try. Happy Spooky Season! 

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