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How to Weave Soumak Stitch 3 Ways

You probably already know and love soumak stitch! It’s a classic weaving technique and one of the first stitches that beginner weavers learn. But did you know there are more ways of using this weaving technique than the classic braid?

Here are three of my favorite variations of soumak stitch.


Compact loops

Compact loops are formed by soumak stitches that are woven very close together. I made these (dark blue yarn) going over 2 warp threads and back around 1. This creates a textured ridge effect. This looks really good with fluffier yarns as well which can help create that compacted loop texture.


soumak stitch loose loops

Loose loops

When weaving your rows of soumak gently pull the stitches so you create a longer looped texture. Think of it as adding some draped texture. These loose loops add beautiful texture to your project.


single row soumak stitch

Single row

Weave soumak as you normally do, but instead of reversing and making a second row to create a braided effect, only create one row of looped texture. This works well for thick and fluffy fibers like wool roving as well.


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