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How to Organize Your Yarn Wall

Yarn walls are (in my opinion) one of the prettiest ways to display your yarn. It really helps me to see my stash to know what I have to weave with.

To create my yarn wall I followed a yarn wall tutorial on Pinterest like this one (I can’t find the one I used but this one is close). Once your pegboard is complete next comes the fun part! Organizing your yarn.

How to organize your yarn wall


The most popular way that I’ve seen to arrange a yarn wall is by color. You can group the colors together any way you want. If you’d like the colors to be more cohesive here are a few ways you can do that:

yarn wall organized by rainbow colors


For my yarn wall, I went in rainbow order (Roy. G. Biv to take it back to elementary school days). I put the darkest shade at the bottom and worked my way up the yarn wall from there with the lightest yarn shades at the top.

Image via Adobe

Online color gradients

If you don’t have all the colors needed for a rainbow gradient you can search for color gradients online and use one of the images you find there. There are several different options you can find. Just match up your yarn to the gradient image as best you can, you may not have exact matches, just go with what’s closest. 

Color wheel 

I’ve never seen anyone do this but I’d love to see a color wheel represented on a yarn wall. It’d have to be a pretty big board to accommodate that but I’m sure someone out there has done it!

By fiber content 

If you weave by type of yarn this may be a good way for you to organize yours. Organizing by fiber content would make it easy to grab the exact type of yarn you need rather than have to hunt through colors for them.

By size

Yarn comes in sizes from fingerling to extra chunky. Arranging your yarn wall by the thickness of your yarn is another organizational option.

By how much you love them or use them 

This last option works great if you have specific yarns that you find yourself weaving with over and over. Put your favorites where it's easiest for you to reach them. This will save you from constantly reaching all over your yarn wall trying to find your top choices.

There’s no wrong way to design a yarn wall! Use whatever organization works best for you and your weaving. 

Remember, you probably won’t have a seamless yarn wall where everything automatically blends into each other. Colors can blend in a lot of different ways. Just focus on making your yarn wall something that works for you and that you can’t wait to use every day.

And it makes for a really great backdrop for Instagram photos.

weaving mug in front of yarn wall

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