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How to Host a Weaving Craft Night

What’s a weaving night? It's a time (day or night) that you and your friends get together to weave and hang out. A lot of us weave alone in our homes and don’t have a chance to meet other weavers in person. At a weaving craft night you get to hang out with friends and talk about weaving as much as you want. It's the best of both worlds, weaving, and friendship.



friends with two looms weaving

 Photo Credit: Karolina Grabowski

How to host a weaving night for friends

Weaving night in or weaving night out

Meeting at home allows you to spread out more and make sure everyone is comfortable. Your friends can bring their favorite drinks or snacks to share. If you’d like to do a low-key night you can even have everyone show up in their yoga pants or PJs for a comfy night in.

If you’d rather go out try a weaving night at a coffee shop or bar. I’d recommend going during off-peak hours and making sure it's somewhere with plenty of space and tables for you and your friends.

Food & drinks

If you do food or snacks I’d recommend eating before breaking out the crafts. No one wants crumbs in their yarn! You could do a potluck beforehand, or a snack spread to nibble on all evening. If you're staying in you can BYOB or you meet up at a coffee shop or bar for snacks & drinks.

Online weavers

Don’t have any weaving friends nearby? That’s ok! You can do a Zoom weaving night. They’re awesome if your friends live in different places or even if they’re local but you aren’t able to meet in person.

Not just weavers

If you don’t have any local weaving friends or you’d like to include your other crafty friends make it a craft night for all.

You can weave while your friends scrapbook, knit, draw or embroider. All that matters is that you hang out and have fun being creative together.

Make new friends

Weaving nights are a great chance to meet new friends. You can encourage your friends to invite their other weaving or crafty friends. A craft night can be a great way to strengthen current friendships or make new ones.

However, you host your craft night, have fun! If you and your friends have a great time, consider setting up a regular once-a-month time for you all to get together and craft.


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