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Have You Tried These 5 Weaving Techniques?

Do you ever run out of weaving ideas? You want to weave something but you’re just drawing a blank?

It definitely happens to me! If you're like me and occasionally need a little creative jump-start. Check out the weaving technique ideas below.

Five weaving project ideas


Try using one color or multiple hues of one color to create a monochrome weaving. Use combinations of light and dark hues to explore a single color.


Gradients can be subtle shifts from one hue to another or more vibrant changes between colors. Either way they are a lot of fun!



Let your imagination run wild and create beautiful abstract shapes and designs. This method is a great way to try out new techniques and stitches. 


Challenge yourself to recreate an image. Try using a weaving "cartoon" and tape a photo or drawing behind your loom for reference.



You can weave with interlocking rectangular and square blocks or try your hand at circles, triangles, and more. One of my favorite online weaving classes is all about geometric weaving (no affiliate or sponsored link just the truth) check it out here.

Save your favorite weaving ideas and techniques so next time you need a creative boost you’re prepared!

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