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4 Ways to Add Contrast to A Woven Wall Hanging

Using contrasting elements in a weaving project can create something unexpected, whether it's contrasting colors, textures, or even concepts.

Contrast is all about using elements of your woven project against each other to create something striking. 

Here are four ideas for how to add contrast to a woven wall hanging

circle woven wall hanging with negative space

Negative Space

Negative space versus filled space creates a contrast between the woven section and the empty space.



Colors can be used for contrast whether it's contrasting complimentary colors like this wall hanging, or neutral versus colors. To learn more about contrasting colors look for information on color wheels.


woven wall hanging with textured circle in center


Changing up your weaving stitches can create contrast in texture. This example used the same yarn in different stitches to create contrast in texture.


woven wall hanging with geometric design


A change in shapes, geometric or abstract, can create contrast as well. This wall hanging has contrast in shape, color, and texture.

These are just a few examples of ways to create contrast in woven art. There are many more ideas out there!

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