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2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Weavers

gift guide for weavers part 2

Need some gift ideas for the weaver in your life? Or are you the weaver with family and friends who want to support your love of weaving, but have NO idea how to do that? 

Wear & Woven gift guide to the rescue! Just send them this list, it’s packed full of great gift ideas for weavers and fiber artists. 

This way you can get something you actually want this year and not just another craft store gift card (Those are fun too! It's just nice to get actual weaving things under the tree as well). 

Check out our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Weavers!  

1.     Hand Drawn Weaving Stitches T Shirt

    Wear & Woven - This is one of our most popular t-shirts. It's inspired by vintage weaving illustrations. All our t-shirts are super soft with just the right amount of stretch. Your weaver will be so comfy and so excited to weave in our tees.

      2.  Framed Weaving Prongs

      Over and Under Weaving – These are such an ingenious product. They let your weaver take her weaving in a new direction by framing a wall hanging rather than hanging from a dowel rod. Such a cool idea and a really fun way for your weaver to try something new!

       3.  Weaving Classes

        There are so many excellent weaving classes out there. Buying your weaver a class or a gift card for a class is a great way to support their love of weaving. Ask your weaver who their favorite weavers are and I bet they can give you a list to look up! You can also check out my blog post here for my favorites if you need more ideas.

        4. Warp Thread Cone Holder

          Roving Textiles - There is nothing more annoying than trying to warp your loom and your warp thread goes rolling away across the floor and under the couch. Roving Textiles Warp Thread Cone Holder keeps your weaver’s warp thread in one place so they can warp their looms as many times as they want and never have to worry about their thread rolling away.

          5. Weaving is Magical Acrylic Pin

            Moon and Yarn – I mean really, what more needs to be said? Weaving is magical!! Weavers will love this beautiful pin. They can add it to a project bag, a denim jacket or wherever they want. I know they believe weaving is magical, now you can show them you do too.

            6. I’d Rather Be Weaving Mug

              Wear & Woven - I mean really wouldn’t we all rather be weaving? Our microwave and dishwasher safe mugs are cute and durable. They’re a great way to support your weaver’s love of weaving even when they can’t be at the loom.

              7. Koel Magazine Subscription

                Koel Magazine - Koel Magazine is a beautifully styled magazine full of fiber goodness. There’s something for all fiber artists, from weaving to punch needle to macramé. They’re an amazing source of inspiration with interviews with other makers, patterns and an incredible community of fiber artists. You can purchase a 2022 subscription on their website or find one of their latest issues in store.

                 8. Carbon Steel Fabric Shears

                  I know some of you are probably thinking, what? Scissors? Really? Trust me on this. Really really good fabric scissors are worth their weight in gold. Especially if your weaver is a fan of rya knots or any other stitch that requires a lot of trimming.

                  9. Weaving Stitches Tote Bag

                    Wear & Woven - Our Weaving Stitches cotton tote bag is perfect for filling with all sorts of awesome yarn and fiber for your weaver’s next weaving project. They’re not just great for yarn though. There’s more than enough room for projects, laptops, sketchbooks, groceries and anything in between.

                    10. Hand Woven Weaving Sticker

                      Wear & Woven - Weaving stickers are a great way to add some weaver awesomeness to water bottles, laptops or anywhere your weaver wants to share their love of weaving. They also make great stocking stuffers!

                      11. Monthly Weaving Series Subscription

                        Hello Hydrangea - This gift is sure to bring inspiration all year long. Hello Hydrangea has a monthly weaving series, focusing on a new weaving technique each month. This is the gift that keeps on giving as your weaver gains access to a new technique video and tutorial every month.

                        12. DIY Woven Art

                          Rachel Denbow - One of the best weaving books out there, DIY Woven Art is packed full of weaving tutorials and knowledge. It’s an incredibly helpful book for both beginner and intermediate weavers. With each project they learn new skills plus they have access to Rachel’s preferred list of yarn suppliers included with the book.

                          13. Shape Looms

                            Blacksheep Goods - Shape looms are such a fun way for weavers to experiment! Blacksheep Goods has a wide range of shape looms from circles, triangles, arches, even rainbows and hexagons. These are sure to please weavers as they can try out new shapes and styles.

                            14. Weaving Stitches T Shirt (our best seller!)

                              Wear & Woven - Our best selling Weaving Stitches T Shirt has names of some of the most popular weaving stitches. It comes in two different colors, Heather Prism Peach and Heather Prism Ice Blue. All our t-shirts are super soft and comfy with just the right amount of stretch the perfect gift for weavers.

                              15. Personalized Scrap Yarn Gift Card

                                Loom Denim - Check out Ashley’s shop for gorgeous yarn spun just for your weaver from their yarn scraps. You can purchase a gift card to her shop for your weaver. When they’re ready they can mail their yarn scraps to Ashley and she will spin them into beautiful one of a kind yarn just for your weaver.

                                16. Round Weaving Kit

                                  Ashton Zager Fiber Art - There are so many great fiber kits out there, one of my favorites is Ashton Zager’s round weaving kits. They come with everything your weaver needs to create a round wall hanging, including beautiful fibers and even the hoop and needle.

                                  17. Macramé Fiber Earrings

                                    Sweet Knotty - Gift your weaver a pair of cute macramé fiber earrings. You can choose from a huge range of colors and select which metal you prefer. They’re so pretty and a great way for weavers to share their love of fiber art.

                                    18. Etsy Gift Card

                                      Etsy -  Etsy has a ton of shops for weavers, especially for spinners who make the gorgeous one of a kind art yarn that weavers love. Weavers can also find weaving tools and looms from their favorite shops. You can’t go wrong with an Etsy gift card.

                                      There are so many amazing gift ideas for weavers out there. It was hard to narrow it down to just two pages. I hope you all have an amazing holiday season.


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