3 More Modern Weaving Books You'll Love

3 More Modern Weaving Books You'll Love

Weaving books are a great way to learn more about the craft on your own time frame, you can pick them up and put them down as needed. They’re also a great reference to have on your shelf. You can find my first blog on my favorite weaving books here. Since then I’ve gotten more books that I want to share with you!


Modern Weaver by Maryanne Moodie

I have Maryanne’s first book On the Loom, which I think is a great foundational weaving book. Maryanne’s second book Modern Weaver expands not only on her first book but it covers so much more. 

As much as I like the first book, this one is definitely my favorite of the two. She really delves into more advanced techniques with a heavy emphasis on color. As a former art teacher she has a lot of knowledge to share on this topic. 

Not only is this a beautiful book to look at but it’s so helpful to have as you build your weaving skills.


Contemporary Weaving by Allyson Rousseau

A must read for anyone who loves creating dense carpet rya knot texture. I took Allyson’s online course where she teaches her unique method for creating her “snack” rya knot weavings.

This book expanded on that and added several more techniques and a lot more information. It’s a great addition to your modern weaving bookshelf.


Amazing Circular Weaving by Emily Nicolaides

Emily has created an excellent weaving book about circular weaving. I think she might even be the very first available on round weaving! She not only explains the foundations of circular weaving but she takes you through several projects, step by step, as she teaches you new skills and techniques. Definitely a book you want on your shelf if you’re interested in round weaving!


Bonus book: Passementerie by Elizabeth Ashdown

I cannot tell you how much I love this book. First of all it's just beautiful to look at. The projects and photos are bright, colorful and seem to jump off the page.

Secondly, Elizabeth has filled a void in the weaving education space. She’s revitalizing a weaving tradition and making it accessible and interesting to modern weavers. I highly highly recommend this book.


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